Rejoice! Cherry Ale-8 now on sale in Louisville grocery stores

Life is a little better these days, because can now buy Cherry Ale-8 at your local grocery store.

The new flavor was first released last spring, when it was sold only at select locations as part of a promotion with the Frazier History Museum.

Cherry Ale 8

But the response was so good, the company decided to distribute it to the masses.

Cherry Ale-8 is now being sold at Korger and ValuMarket stores throughout Louisville. It’s also available for purchase online.

A six-pack will cost you $3.39.

Cherry Ale 8

This is the first time family-owned company Ale-8 One has released a new flavor in 92 years.

“Uncle Lee had notoriously high standards, and we feel sure he would be proud of what we have created with Cherry Ale-8,” Fourth-generation CEO Fielding Rogers said. “As a proud family-owned company, we had to be confident that any new flavor was ‘Wainscott Worthy’ before we offered it to our fans.”

Cherry Ale-8 is made with real cherries and contains no artificial colors or sweeteners.

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