Southern Indiana woman launches weekly meal prep service

By Rachael Krause
Derby City Weekend

You’ve probably heard of Hello Fresh and Daily Harvest. Meal kit deliveries are becoming the norm for busy people wanting to eat well on busy schedules.

And now, there’s a local option right in the heart of southern Indiana.

Ready Set Prep'd Meal Service
Ready Set Prep’d offers pre-made meals for people on a weekly basis.

For many people, time is important. People stay busy constantly, rushing from place to place to fit everything they need to into hectic schedules.

That’s where Peggy Garbe wants to help.

“I see a need and I’m trying to fulfill it,” Peggy Garbe, Founder of Ready Set Prep’d, said.

Garbe is creating a meal preparation service called Ready Set Prep’d, offering pre-made meals for people on a weekly basis.

Recently, Garbe said she’s been cooking these meals for some friends, after motherhood called her away from her career in the kitchens of prestigious restaurants in the area.

She thought maybe others would want these pre-made meals, too.

Ready Set Prep'd salad
The menu at Ready Set Prep’d will change each week.

Launching the business has been an adventure so far, but one she believes will be well-worth it.

“Just trying to take this leap of faith and provide a service that I think is very underserved in the southern Indiana market,” Garbe said.

Unlike with the popularized meal kit services, there’s no cooking needed with Ready Set Prep’d.

“It’s just ready to go,” she said. “There’s no real time that you have to put into it.”

There will be a new menu up each week for you to pick your meals from — everything from fresh salads to entrees, even breakfast and meals you can eat on the go. She says each meal will be tasty and healthy.

Garbe said she wants to show people that good-for-you food doesn’t have to taste bad or bland.

Peggy Garbe
Peggy Garbe wants to help people eat healthy food.

“It can be amazing, it can be tasteful, it can be beautiful,” Garbe said. “I want people to enjoy what they’re eating, but also feel good about what they’re eating and kind of make their neighbors in their office cubes jealous of their lunch.”

The meals will cost you about $7 to $10 dollars and you can order them online. Anything you order, you can pick up at MESA Collaborative Kitchen in downtown New Albany. Garbe said she’s hoping to expand soon to more pickup locations around southern Indiana.

Already, she’s getting interest from future customers.

“It’s super surprising actually that so many people are interested,” she said. “There is a lack of healthy food available, but just to have random strangers reach out to me and be like, you know, we’re excited about this, we want this. It makes it fulfilling enough that, you know, I’m doing the right thing.”

A firm launch date has not yet been set, but Garbe said she plans to launch toward the beginning of April. She said she’s ready, set and prep’d to get to work cooking for the community.

You can follow Ready Set Prep’d for updates on Instagram here and on the website here.

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