Star of Book of Mormon touring cast is Louisville native

The Book of Mormon is at the Kentucky Center this week and a star of the show is a Louisville native.

Kayla Pecchioni graduated from duPont Manual’s performing arts magnet school, YPAS, in 2010.

Kayla Pecchioni
This Louisville native got her big break as the female lead in The Book of Mormon.

She studied dance theater at Northern Kentucky University and performed on cruise ships for several years after graduation before landing a part as a singer in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in 2016.

Then she got her big break as the female lead in the touring Broadway production of The Book of Mormon.

“I was really scared, I thought about turning it down — which is crazy,” Pecchioni said.

As well as being her first Broadway tour, this is her first leading role.

Pecchioni plays Nabulungi, a girl in Uganada who encounters the Mormon missionaries during their quest.

The Book Of Mormon runs until Sunday, March 3.

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While getting the African accent down was tough, she said many parts of the character came naturally to her.

“I feel like I’m so much like my character so I got to put a lot of myself into her,” Pecchioni said.

Being a part of the touring cast for more than year, Pecchioni has performed all over the country.

When I asked her if she feels like she’s “made it,” she joked as a high school student she didn’t take many things seriously, so her success surprised her.

“To kind of have things play out this way is very overwhelming to me even,” Pecchioni said. “I have a lot of support from the hometown, and my teachers and my family and my friends but I never foresaw this for myself. And so everyday I’m just really grateful that it turned out this way.”

During the show’s run in Louisville, Pecchioni will visit students at YPAS who are studying musical theater.

She said she wants to encourage them as much as possible.

The Book of Mormon runs until Sunday, March 3. Click or tap here for tickets.

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