Sydney Harbin’s FAVE 3 Natural Hair Products

By: Sydney Harbin, WAVE 3 News Assistant News Specialist

I’d like to describe myself as a really outgoing person who loves to stand out.

One of the ways I love to express myself is through the many manipulations and styles that I do with my natural curls.

Natural hair is so versatile, and I enjoy trying new hairstyles everyday that go perfectly with enhancing my mood and outfit.

Here are my FAVE 3 hair products for achieving the perfect look:

LouAna Coconut Oil

In addition to good ole H20, I love using LouAna Coconut Oil on my hair.

Coconut oil works great for retaining and locking in moisture because it is vital for the upkeep of natural hair.

Coconut oil helps promote healthy hair and is great for styling.

While using coconut oil, it is important to note that a little goes a lonnnnng way. A couple of dabs in the middle of your palm and a quick run of your fingers in your hair can really work wonders.

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Maui Moisture Hair Care

The brand of shampoos and conditioners a ‘naturalista’ chooses to use can really make a break her natural hair style routine.

I choose to use the Curl Quench + Coconut Oil collection from Maui Moisture’s hair care line.

Their products contain aloe juice and water that help keep my hair moisturized.

They do not contain any parabens, silicons or sulfates that are harmful to natural hair.

Not only are they vegan and great for the environment, but the products smell amazing as well.

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Eco Styler Gel

To pull a whole look together, it is very important to pay attention to the little details.

A great look for me is not complete without the ceremonial ‘laying of the edges.’

To lay my edges to perfection, I choose to use Eco Styler Gel.

Eco Styler Gel has different variations of gels with different smells and strengths of hold.

Tip: I typically use a toothbrush, one separate from brushing my teeth, to get the desired style.

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