‘The Office’ star Rainn Wilson comes to Kentucky for movie filming


By: Shannon Cogan | WAVE 3 News Anchor

The actor who played Dwight from The Office was recently in Kentucky, filming his new movie that was shot in the Bluegrass State by a local producer.

While in town, Rainn Wilson sat down with WAVE 3 News Anchor Shannon Cogan to talk about the role, Kentucky and the NBC hit show The Office.

Rainn Wilson


Wilson had never spent much time in Kentucky before the movie.

“People in LA are jerks, so people in Kentucky are nice. So I’m thinking about relocating,” Wilson joked. “Do you guys have beaches?”

No beaches. And he may feel a little lost, especially on that first Saturday in May.

“I don’t do bourbon, horse racing, drinking, partying, anything like that. Everyone else went out to shoot guns, and I went to the monastery,” Wilson said. “I’ve only had one day off, and I went to the Abbey of Gethsemani because I know a monk there.”

Local producer Merry-Kay Poe, the President of Unbridled Films, cast Wilson for her movie called Don’t Tell A Soul. It was shot in various locations in Oldham County.

“The stars aligned so our top choices were all here at the same time,” Poe said. “But some of them passed up big projects to be here.”

Part of the film takes place inside a deep hole. Thanks to movie magic, they were able to shoot those scenes by building a huge contraption.

“Once I’m in there it’s a little dirty,” Wilson said. “But it’s kind of warm and comfortable.”

Jack Dylan Grazer, 15, is also one of the leads in the film. He’s going to have a big year. He’s in the movie Shazam, which comes out in April. He said working with Wilson was a great experience.

Jack Dylan Grazer

“I love The Office more than anything in this entire world, so that was really cool. I love him,” Grazer said. “But he’s so much not like Dwight, which is kind of refreshing because I wouldn’t want to work with someone like Dwight.”

Speaking of The Office, we had to know… is a reunion possible?

“Yeah, I think it’s unlikely,” Wilson said. “But in some way, shape or form, maybe like an Office Christmas movie.”

All of the actors left town before Christmas. It’s unknown when this movie will come out, but when it does, pay attention to the broadcaster in it – she might look familiar to you.

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