The path to Avengers: Endgame – Part 16 of 21: Spider Man Homecoming

Editor’s Note: WAVE 3 News Photojournalist Jeff Knight is really looking forward to the release of Avengers: Endgame. So much so, that he’s decided to revisit the previous 20 films in the series. Jeff is watching each movie again and sharing his thoughts about them with us.

Avengers - Jeff Knight

By: Jeff Knight | WAVE 3 News Photojournalist

Sony? A Marvel movie begins with a Sony logo!!! What’s up with that?

This is the MCU’s first “spinoff” movie. Peter is the first character to get his own movie after appearing in another movie. So it’s not an origin story, which makes everyone wonder if Tom Holland’s origin story is more like Tobey Maguire’s origin story or like Andrew Garfield’s origin story? Hopefully, some day we will get a Homecoming prequel to sort this out.

The aliens from the first Avengers movie created a big mess in New York. Michael Keaton’s Toomes was hired to clean it up. Tony Stark took the job out from under him, putting him in financial peril. Yep, Stark inspired another the villain. Stark inspires much villainy — Obadiah Stane, Ivan Vanko, Ultron, Aldrich Killian, Zemo and now Adrian Toomes. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and villain catalyst.

Similar to Avengers 2 and 3 being immediately followed by Ant-Man 1 and 2, Guardians 2 being followed by Spider-Man is a giant shrinking in scale. We go from Ego wanting to control the Universe to Vulture being a small-time arms dealer. Nice change of pace, or scope.

We learn the opening scene is set eight years before the main body of this movie. So even though this movie came out two years ago, it takes place next year in 2020? In Infinity War, Tony Stark says the attack on New York was six years ago. Is Homecoming set two years after Infinity War?

Tyne Daly shows up for basically one scene. Seems odd. But then Harry Dean Stanton just did one scene in The Avengers. Alfre Woodard just did one scene in Civil War. Dormammu just did one scene in Doctor Strange.

Tony gives Peter a high-tech suit. The first time I saw this movie I didn’t like the Spidersuit talking. Then I learned it’s Jennifer Connelly. So I’m fine with it now.

Peter goes to Germany in Civil War, Washington DC in Homecoming, another planet in Infinity War and back to Europe in Far From Home. That’s a big neighborhood to be friendly in, eh?

Sundry Tidbits:

  • Happy’s first non-Iron Man Movie
  • When Peter is in the back of the limo with Tony, there’s a chance Tony has a flerkin on his shirt.
  • Bruce Banner’s picture is on the wall in Peter’s science class. Is it public knowledge he is the Hulk?
  • The Sokovia Accords are mentioned in another class.
  • Captain America does PSAs. I’m surprised Stark would allow him in this movie.
  • Except for Matt Murdock, Peter Parker is the only superhero in the MCU with a secret identity.
  • Kenneth Cho plays Principal Morita. He was also his grandfather in Captain America: The First Avenger. That must be a funny shaped family tree.
  • Although there’s nothing wrong with Marisa Tomei, It would have been fun surprise if his aunt turned out to be Melinda May. Or maybe not.
  • Spider-Man does a Thor impression, calling himself the son of Odin. How does he know Odin’s name? I guess Selvig seems to know a lot about that family. How much about modern Asgard can people learn from ancient Norse mythology?
  • There’s a scene of Spider-Man running through yards like Ferris Bueller, which is soon followed by Ferris Bueller running through yards.
  • Donald Glover plays Aaron Davis, the uncle of Miles Morales.
  • Who Michael Keaton’s character turns out to be might be the biggest surprise in the MCU. Shocker!!! I had no idea that was coming.
  • One of the things The Vulture is trying to steal from The Avengers is a prototype for Cap’s new shield. Stark must be expecting to mend some broken fences. Oh, I forgot. This movie takes place after Infinity War so those fences are already mended.
  • Tony offers Peter a room next to Vision’s at Avenger Central. When does Vision start hiding out with Wanda?
  • Tony and Pepper are back together. They broke up offscreen between Age of Ultron and Civil War. They repaired their relationship between Civil War and now. Interesting. Or what’s the opposite of interesting? Off-screen, unwritten melodrama?
  • Aunt May leans Peter is Spider-Man. That’s new. In previous movies, she might have known, but she was more coy about it. Right?

This is a nice little movie. A teenager in the MCU is very different from the rest of the heroes. It’s nice to have that coming-of-age variety. Actually, a teenage Spider-Man feels very different from past Spider-Mans. Holland was actually a teenager when they shot Civil War— as opposed to other actors approaching 30 for their first outing. Holland has played Spider-Man in at least four movies in four consecutive years — Civil War, Homecoming, Infinity War, (Endgame?) and Far from Home. They need to keep cranking these out before he has a chance to age.

Stan Lee Cameo — “Don’t make me come down there, you punk.”

Mid Credits Scene— a Vulture meets a Scorpion

Post Credits Scene— Captain America on patience. Kind of reminiscent of Ferris Bueler’s post. “You’re still here?”

Returning Characters— Peter, Tony, Happy, Steve, Pepper, May, Bruce’s headshot, Principal Morita’s grandfather’s headshot

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