The perfect headwrap: It’s easier than you think

By: Sameera Reza-Cooper

During the summer season, when it becomes extremely hot and humid out, I like to find different ways to protect my hair from the weather.

Headwraps are a popular trentd right. They come in many different colors, designs and textures.

I like to wear these because I can express my personal style through whatever headwrap I choose, and I’m protecting my hair!

The first thing you want to do is tie all your hair up in a high bun. This is what gives your head wrap that full look. If you don’t have enough hair to tie in a high bun you can always take a roll of socks and place it on the top of your head to create the illusion of a bun.

Then, wrap your scarf around your head, and make sure it’s covering the entire back of your head as well as your high bun.

Ideally, you want excess fabric hanging over your bun to ensure everything will be inside the wrap.

You’ll then take the two ends of the scarf in the front and crisscross them to the opposite sides.

Twist each side to make the fabric thinner and easy to work with.

I like to tie it once or twice around the base of the bun, and then tuck the excess pieces of fabric in the front.

Spray the pieces of hair around the edges with water, and use whatever product you like that gives you the best hold to make sure it stays in place.

I like to use a spoolie, which is a makeup brush item, to form my hair and shape it the way I like.

Want to jazz it up? Add your fave earrings and the lip gloss/lipstick that makes you feel your best!

Head Wrap: Aesha’s African Baskets & Home Goods
Spray Bottle: Sallys Beauty Supply
Earrings: H&M
Lip Gloss: Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

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