The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus visits Red River Gorge

Norman Reedus Red River Gorge
Norman Reedus rode his motorcycle through the Red River Gorge for his new show.

Folks spotted some star power this week at a popular pizza spot in Red River Gorge.

Norman Reedus, who stars in the hit show “The Walking Dead,” made a stop at Miguel’s Pizza on Monday.

The actor was filming scenes for his AMC show “Ride with Norman Reedus.”

He rides his motorcycle through different parts of the country, this time checking out the Gorge and its highlights in Powell County, Kentucky.

Of course he couldn’t miss stopping at Miguel’s, which is known the world over among rock climbers and other nature enthusiasts.

And we hear he didn’t mind posing for photos with fans.

Norman Reedus at Miguel's Pizza
Of course the star had to pop into Miguel’s, a restaurant with quite the reputation itself.

“I am a huge Walking Dead fan, so when I walked in and saw who it was I was kind of stunned. I had that fan vibe going,” Mark Ventura, of Miguel’s, said. “We had new people that were eating pizza, and obviously came up, and was like, ‘Can I take a photo,’ and he was all about it. He didn’t mind at all.”

Reedus also filmed at Sky Bridge Station in Wolfe County.

The episode is expected to air around Christmastime.

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