WATCH: Highlights from Thunder Over Louisville

WAVE 3 News crews are on both sides of the Ohio River providing the sights and sounds of Thunder Over Louisville.

Here are some video highlights (see description below each video clip):


Thunder Over Louisville fireworks


KC Flight Formation Team


A-10 Thunderbolt


MH-53 Echo


Billy Werth entertains in his Pitts S2C Part 1


Billy Werth entertains in his Pitts S2C Part 2


Thunder Air Show: MH-53 Echo


Thunder Air Show: F-15C Eagle


Thunder Air Show: Acemaker T-33


Thunder Air Show: HC-130


Jeff Gordon in Carbon Cub


The man behind Thunder


M-H 60 Romeo


F/A 18 Hornet


Behind the scenes of Thunder Over Louisville fireworks


A look at the first Thunder Over Louisville


Twin Beech


Pilot Matt Younkin flies his Twin Beech in his Magic by Moonlight act


B-52 Stratofortress


Trojan Thunder


Trojan Thunder signature move


Swampfox P-51 Mustang


Lee Leet flies over hometown crowd


Watch the Golden Knights parachute into Thunder, go behind the scenes for a jump


Golden Knights fireworks jump


C-130H Hercules Air Drop


STS Halo Jump Team


F-16 opens the show


Acemaker T-33


Boeing UPS 747-8


Canadian CH-155 Hawk


C-17 Globemaster III


AH-1 Super Cobra/UH-1 Huey


How weather impacts fireworks


I Am the Nation

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