Waterfront Botanical Gardens preps for new plantings


The rise of a new education center means that spring has sprung at the Waterfront Botanical Gardens.

It is possible to see some construction going on beyond the wall of daffodils on Interstate 71.

Inside the 23-acre space, bulldozers and heavy equipment move earth in preparation for plantings scheduled for late spring.

“We’re planting in May and June,” Waterfront Botanical Gardens President Kasey Maier said. “So if you’re a volunteer, you’ll want to come out — May and June are the big months. We will be turning all of this into beautiful green space.”

Maier said construction is on schedule with Phase 1 of 3 expected to open to the public in October.

So far, $9.5 million of a $16 million goal for Phase 1 has been raised.

An education center is the centerpiece of Phase 1.

“Kids need to learn about plants and the importance of plants,” Maier said. “Things like sustainability and everything in the environment. They need to understand why the soil has to be clean and why the water has to be clean, and that plants can do that.”

The education center will double as an event space. Maier said private events, including a couple of weddings, already have been reserved.

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