Wine retailer follows Kentucky laws, opens online shop

It has only been legal to get wine delivered straight to your door in Kentucky for a couple of years now.
One Louisville business owner jumped on that opportunity right when it happened, but now he’s taking it a step further.
The Wine Rack
The Wine Rack has been in the delivery business for a couple years now, but plans to add online ordering to its menu.
For about 15 years, John Johnson was selling wine and spirits from his brick-and-mortar store, the Wine Rack on Frankfort Avenue, but legal changes have now moved some of his business online.
“I think it’s just going to make us do more of what we already do,” Johnson said.
After changes to Kentucky law allowing the delivery of wine in the past several years, Johnson said his business is finally online.
“I was shocked that it did go through,” Johnson said. “I saw it and my thought was, ‘this is a big deal.’ My gut reaction was that we should do it, but we’ve got to be careful about it.”
Johnson said he doesn’t expect huge changes overnight, but thinks the new asset will be big around the holidays when people are giving gifts.
“We did two today,” Johnson said. “People were from Denver buying for Louisvillians. They love it that we can actually do it.”
He said only about 15 percent of his in-store product is listed online, but he hopes to get that number closer to 40 by the end of the year, a change he said has taken some getting used to, but is paying off.
“It’s scary, but it’s exciting and I think we’re just going for it,” Johnson said.
Johnson said that if delivery demand increases, he may have to hire drivers in the future.

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