This Zombie Clown Look Will Terrify Everyone

Even better: you can transform yourself into this monster at home.

This creepy undead clown look is sure to win any costume contest; it makes the person underneath look practically unrecognizable! We asked special effects make-up artist Gregory Hewett (Gregory F/X) to show us a truly creepy look that anyone can recreate at home.

For those in Charlotte, Gregory suggests getting your supplies at Morris Costumes Рwhere he got everything to create this look.

If you’re looking for a simple last-minute Halloween costume, check out our tutorial with Greg on how to make a nasty flesh wound.

To create the zombie clown, you’ll need:

  • Clown Mouth Foam Latex Prostethic
  • Skin-safe glue
  • Liquid Latex
  • F/X Transfers (wound/warts of your choice)
  • Water
  • Red Foundation
  • Rotted Flesh Foundation
  • Other Makeup as needed for detailing
  • Clown Wig
  • EXTRA: Fake Blood for extra scares (Check out our fake blood tip here to make it look more real.)
  • EXTRA: Red balloon for extra scares

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