Zoneton firefighters flipping the script this Halloween

After more than two decades of hosting a Halloween Open House for children in the Shepherdsville area, Zoneton firefighters are flipping the script this year in the era of COVID.

Since large social gatherings will likely not be allowed in the Commonwealth this fall, the firefighters plan to dress up in their spookiest costumes to pass out candy to kids who would have otherwise been at their yearly gathering.

“We did a lot of creative thinking to come up with something this year. I really want to do something for the kids – that’s important to us,” Zoneton Fire Chief Rob Orkies said.


Swedish fish Halloween candy

Firefighters will start passing out candy to children on Sunday, Oct. 25 and continue until Halloween. They’re asking families who live on the streets they will visit to bring their kids to the edge of their driveways to give them bags of candy.

“Hopefully by now, children are used to seeing people wearing masks and gloves, so when they see us wearing them, they won’t be frightened,” Orkies said.

The Zoneton Fire Protection District firefighters plan on filling 4,000 bags of candy to pass out.

To find a list of dates and streets for the 6-night event, click here.

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